What to engrave on your custom Jewellery

It's not always as easy as it seems to decide what to engrave on your custom pieces, so we made this little guide to give you some ideas. Scroll further to explore our 10+ engraving ideas ...

Actual Handwriting

Make those fine personal lines of ink last forever

Write or draw on a piece of paper (or find an old note worth remembering forever). Take a picture and upload it on the product page, our team will remove the background and engrave the exact fine lines on your custom jewellery piece, it's sure to be the most personal piece of jewellery you or the receiver will ever own.

Some popular ideas include:

- A handwritten note

- A simple kids drawing

- Handdrawn symbols

- Notes from loved ones who passed away

Names / Initials

Initial of you and your soulmate

Engrave the initials or names of you and your other half to always be connected no matter where you are. You can even decide to engrave the name of your pet or another animal you love, so even when you're not home, you still have them with you right there.


Remember that special date

Engrave the date something special or life changing happened. It's a great gift for someone close to you to remember that day you both cherish.

Some popular dates include:

- The date you first met

- The date of the proposal

- The date of graduation

- The most meaningful date

Morse Code

The mysterious option

Our newest addition to engraving options is the morse code. Type your word on the product page and see the corresponding morse code. It's a great way to encrypt your engraving, and not let everyone around you know what it means. Do note that one letter in morse code is 2-5 lines/dots, so it is limited how many characters you can write. We recommend going with one word (or 2-3 short words like: I LOVE YOU)


So many options to choose from

This one gives you unlimited options, it's all up to your imagination at this point. Engrave something you want to be reminded of on a daily basis whenever you look down at your piece.

- Roman numbers (example: 18 = XVIII)

- Motivational quotes

- Names of loved ones

- Inspirational quotes

- Positive affirmations / daily reminders

Travel Destinations

For the adventurous spirit

Remember your travels or favorite vacation spots by engraving the coordinates on your piece. Start a collection and collect a jewellery piece for each country you have visited and add them to your collection. The perfect gift for the adventure seeking spirits and travel lovers!


Perfect for gifting

Have a fun nickname or your friends and family refer to you as the crazy cat lady? Celebrate who you are, express your individuality or share your passion with the world. Here are a few extra ideas: Surfer, Yogi, Proud Dad, Mom of 4, Wild At Heart, Free Spirit, Artist, Wanderer ...


Spread the love or treat yourself

Engravable jewellery is probably best known for being an appreciation gift for your significant other. Here are a few ideas on what to engrave for a loved one: I Love You, All Yours, Marry Me, Yours Truly, Live Love Laugh, Soul Mate, Best Friends, Self love, You're Perfect, You are enough ...