The Sweetest Engravings for Your Couple Necklaces

The Sweetest Engravings for Your Couple Necklaces

Engraved couple necklaces are a special way to represent the bond between partners. However, some off-the-shelf engravings tend to be generic and worn. 

We provide the opportunity to create genuine, touching jewelry that builds human connection. Our inspiration guide for engraved couple necklaces will help you craft a meaningful piece that captures the most precious moments with your loved one. 

In this article, we'll guide you through the design process, from different finishes to touching engraving ideas. You'll be left with truly authentic and unique necklaces that tell your love story. Let's get started! 

The Endearing Meaning Behind Couple Necklaces

There are plenty of ways to showcase the love you have for your partner. There's the classic romantic dinner for two, the couple's weekend getaway, the matching outfits, and custom-framed pictures from a memorable vacation together. 

While all these options are fantastic, they also have the same limitation. You can't take them with you everywhere. Dinner is over in a night, and your matching beach fit isn't exactly boardroom appropriate. 

Engraved couple's necklaces are versatile, inconspicuous, and can last a lifetime. The meaning behind the engraving is a constant reminder of your special someone and can be incredibly special. Plus, the joy of knowing your partner is out there wearing a matching necklace is hard to beat. 

Get Inspired for Your Engraved Couple Necklaces

Your relationship is unique, and so are your engraving options! We've assembled a general guide containing our favorite engraving ideas and unique Customcuff options. 

First, consider the other factors that go into crafting excellent necklaces.

  1. Metal: Options may include sterling silver, gold, rose gold, and matte black over a strong stainless steel core.
  2. Chain length: Consider whether you want a set or adjustable chain length.
  3. Plate/bar style: This factor primarily determines engraving length and overall aesthetic. 

For inspiration, consider your partner's style (and yours) and which metals you both prefer. Our chain necklace sets can be designed with different metals, making this process easier!

Remember, this is more than a typical locket heart necklace or birthstone infinity necklace. Consider engraving options carefully and think primarily of your loved one. Consider your favorite memories, shared experiences, and special secrets. With this in mind, inspiration is sure to follow. 

Below are top engraving inspirations to get you started on designing the perfect couples necklace set! 


An anniversary is a thrilling time to remember all your history together and the fun times you've had. It's also a great moment to look toward the future and the exciting question, "What's next?" 

Here are some anniversaries to celebrate and some knockout engraving options for the ideal anniversary gifts:

  • The date or year of your wedding anniversary
  • The anniversary of saying “I love you” 
  • The anniversary of becoming a couple 

These dates are more than just random days from years past. They represent your relationship in its entirety. Holding this day close to your heart is so special (even more intimate than a couple's bracelet) and truly creates a priceless personalized jewellery set. 


This isn't the well-documented 'I do,' or the moment he became your boyfriend. The day you met was a fleeting moment where everything was possible. 

Picture the feeling you had when she asked you to coffee or the moment you both locked eyes. This day evokes fun and powerful memories as you remember the people you were and who you became — two puzzle pieces fitting together! 

This engraving is so much more powerful than a simple heart pendant necklace or even promise rings. Etching the day you met on a necklace is a precious way of saying "I love you" to your best friend and partner. 


An initial necklace is a classic statement of affection and echoes today's wildly popular letter charm necklaces. The feeling of wearing a shared initial necklace is priceless, and there are several different engraving styles to choose from. 

  • Both partners' initials, for example, A & A
  • Both partners' monograms, for example, ABC + XYZ
  • A shared two names necklace, for example, Smith-Langini
  • Your pet couple’s name, for example, Romeo and Juliet would be Roliet

The initial/letter necklace etchings are minimalist and wear well with many different styles and situations. This makes the custom name necklace especially popular for couples' gifts. 

initial necklaces for couples



coordinates necklace


At 1of1 Jewellery, we are incredibly proud to offer the option of engraving actual coordinates into your matching necklaces. This process is just as straightforward as designing any other necklace. Here's how it works:

  1. Pick your coordinates; either a general location or an exact address will do 
  2. Decide if you love the way the coordinates appear 
  3. Select metal finishes and order your forever pieces!

It's just that easy (and much more lovely than a personalized heart necklace)! The trick is picking the right significant coordinates to engrave. Below is some inspiration coordinates to get the creative juices flowing. Remember, keep your partner and the love you share in mind while you design. 

  • Where you met
  • Where your first house was together
  • Where your wedding took place
  • Where one proposed
  • Where your child was born
  • Where you fell in love 

There are tons of places in your lives that have deep shared meaning. Wearing these coordinates will be touching and greatly impactful. 


engraved couple necklaces


You and your partner likely share loving words with one another every day. These repeated phrases are perfect for etching into stunning necklaces. Consider one of the following for your couples jewellery:

  • “I Love You”
  • “Yours Truly”
  • “Love You More”
  • “To The Moon And Back”

There are also special terms of endearment, inside jokes, and little phrases that are special just to you and your partner. For these loving words, you can etch a secret message in morse code. It’s simple and impactful (much better than a regular birthstone necklace or engraved heart name necklace). 

At Customcuff, we make it easy to design these loving coded messages! Check out the following examples for inspiration:

  • “Always” 
  • “Yours”
  • “Mine”
  • “Family” 
  • “Forever”

This personalized couple necklace is just another lovely way to communicate caring words to your partner. 

Celebrate Your Relationship with 1of1  Necklaces

The customization options are endless and guaranteed to stun your partner. At 1of1 Jewellery, we offer four distinct design options that are perfect for your new matching set.  

  • Custom Minimal Necklace Set: This classic design works with any style of the couple and creates an effortless look. 
  • Premium Custom Necklace Set: This stately set is offered in silver, and gold plated metals and offers an almost rustic aesthetic. 
  • Custom Plate Necklace Set: The plate necklaces are incredibly popular. The charm placement ensures your engraving is displayed at all times. 
  • Custom Bar Necklace Set: This unique piece is similar to a pendant necklace and offers a charming engraving placement for a modern, clean look.  

All our engraved necklace sets are waterproof and made to last. They are also offered in dipped 18k gold for a fine jewelry look. 

Our love necklaces make stunning Valentine's day gifts, knockout birthday gifts, and even excellent friendship necklaces. For more inspiration, check out our guide and get started designing your forever pieces!